Lawn and Pest Maintenance

Your home represents a huge investment. For many people it is the single largest investment they will ever make. Your lawn and garden is an integral part of the curb appeal of your home, and as any realtor will tell you-first impressions count when it is time to sell your home. When you have a regular maintenance program in place to care for your yard you can rest assured that anyone looking at your home will leave with a positive first impression of your outdoor living areas.

Think about how much time you spend out on your backyard or how much time your children spend playing outdoors.  Lawn care is important. You need to take care of it. A beautiful, well-maintained lawn enhances your life as well as your home. It adds to your home’s value, and provides a safe place for you, your family and your pets to spend your leisure time. The fact is, every lawn has its challenges, but lawn care in South Florida has more challenges than many areas. You can spend a lot of time and money finding the right solutions to your lawn care problems, or you can hire an expert and get it right the first time saving you money, time and unnecessary work.

Florida is well known for its sunny days but Florida lawns often go without water for weeks, and that means moisture control is important if you want your lawn to look good. We can treat your lawn to help it retain moisture as well as keep it fertile, and in top shape, but that’s only a small part of the service we provide. Anyone who lives in Florida will verify the fact that the only way to keep you, your family members, and your pets safe, as well as your lawn, is to treat it for pests.

Some pests are just annoying, but others are a definite health hazard. Living in South Florida means dealing with fire ants. These copper brown colored insects have spread throughout the Southern States. Unlike most ants they can, and they will attack animals, even killing them. In humans, a fire ant bite produces a small red bump which can be very painful as well as itchy, especially if several bites are clustered close together. Anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction to the venom, occurs in about 1% of those bitten by fire ants, and can result in death.These ants have become a big headache for lawn owners, because fire ants love to make their nests in sunny, open, well watered areas, like well watered lawns. Fire ants aren’t the only pest to cause problems for lawn owners. Cinch bugs can cause large yellow patches that get big quickly if they go untreated. White flies are another common pest problem for South Florida residents. They can kill plants and spread viruses from one plant to another unless they are controlled and treated.

Creating and maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn isn’t that easy to achieve, especially in Florida, where the generally hot, sunny climate makes yard care a challenge. Cinch bug, white flies and fire ants are only some of the pests we deal with every day. If you are looking for a beautiful, lush green lawn that adds value to your home, and provides a safe play area for children and pets, professional lawn and pest maintenance will save you time and money. When you hire Total Property Control you get the right solution, the first time, every time.