Lawn Care Tips

The high Florida temperatures and long periods without rain, and the imposition of watering restrictions, make caring for your South Florida yard more difficult than in other areas.  There are some basic lawn care tips that help to grow and maintain a beautiful, green lawn in South Florida but there is no real substitute for professional lawn care service year round to ensure a stunningly green, healthy lawn for your family and pets.

Choosing Grass Tips

Many types of grass cannot tolerate hot Florida summers and long periods of dry weather. Good grass choices for South florida lawns include St. Augustine grass, Bahia grass, Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass. These grass plants are heat tolerant and therefore well-suited to hot Florida weather. It is best to check with a lawn care expert to determine the best grass for your specific soil and location.

Watering Tips

The best rule of thumb is to water only when your lawn needs watering but this is not always possible due to water restrictions that force assigned days and times to water your lawn. Watering deeply and less often is better than watering more frequently because it encourages plant roots to grow deeper and helps the grass withstand drought conditions. The best time of day to water is in the morning when plants are in the process of absorbing and taking in water. Watering during midday when it is hottest out results in water loss through evaporation making watering less effective and watering in the evening makes water stay on the grass plant longer which can cause fungal diseases.  One way to tell if the lawn needs water is to walk across it. If your footprints are visible then it is time to water.

Fertilizing Tips

It is important to choose the right fertilizer for your lawn. A professional lawn care expert can give you invaluable advice to make sure you do not burn up your lawn or cause more problems than you set out to solve.  General wisdom suggests using a high nitrogen fertilizer during the period running from spring to fall but it is important not to fertilize during periods of drought. A nitrogen fertilizer that is in a time release form is the best option. Fertilizer should be spread on a dry grass and then immediately watered.

Mowing Tips

South Florida lawns require mowing year round. A common mistake however, is to mow the grass too short. One should never cut more than a third of the length off a grass blade in any mowing. The longer the grass blades the more extensive and deeper the roots of the grass grow which protects the lawn against drought. During the winter season one generally only needs to mow the lawn once every couple of weeks.

Weed and Pest Control Tips

Weed and pest control for you lawn is a little more tricky with pesticides and herbicides. Many people prefer environmentally friendly, safe, organic methods of week and pest control. For this reason it is best to let a lawn care expert manage the weed and pest control for your home and lawn. Most are trained in integrated pest management and can help you with the natural control of weeds and pests. If pesticides are required, they are trained in the proper application to ensure all your family members, including your pets, have a safe lawn to play on and enjoy.

These lawn care tips will help you make the best decisions for your lawn care. Always contact a lawn care specialist if you have any doubts about the right course of action or you need professional advice regarding a specific lawn care problem. Total Property Control is happy to consult with you regarding your lawn care needs. Simply call us at  561-248-4546.